OracleRetreat.comknow the five elements through the five senses

know the five elements through the five senses

Oracle Retreat facilitators include the following people:
Diana Manilova Bali Oracle Retreat
Eka Kailash Bali Oracle Retreat Facilitator
Marc Cofer Bali Oracle Retreat Facilitator
Diana Manilova - Soul
Russian-born Diana is a published author and world-renowned clairvoyant, certified psychic healer, life coach and spiritual consultant. Diana is our mother of Oracle, and teaches us about life experiences with truth, love and wisdom. Initiated by Mongolian shamans of Lake Baikal, she has spent the last 20 years travelling the world teaching and working with thousands of individuals. More info at
Eka Kailash – Movement
As a native Balinese, yoga has been part of Eka’s life since a very young age. Chanting, creating offerings, connecting with the spirits and nature was his day-to-day childhood. Eka will be teaching and guiding us with Kailash Yoga, a unique style of yoga combining Balinese culture and wisdoms that is inspired by his studies with the world- renowned Oracle teacher, Diana Manilova. More info at
Marc Cofer - Mind
Marc facilitates the release of the monkey in your mind by using the latest EEG brain training technology. The material world and subtle realms overlap easily using technology to meet spirituality. Learning to train your brain and becoming its master will jump-start your deepening spiritual practice. See more details about the equipment you can use in your home here Imagine having Buddha in a Box!
Martin Buchele Oracle Retreat Executive Chef
5 Star Chef Martin Büchele - Energy
Through his experience at a Nepal Monastery and his lessons from his mentors, Martin's culinary outlook has been united with a Buddhist way of life. As a Special Chef at Oracle Retreat, he is eager to teach us how we can change the energy of our body, mind and soul through delicious culinary masterpieces and nutrition. Martin will guide us on a path to a healthy and enlightened lifestyle.
Contact us for a specific list of facilitators for future event dates listed on our Oracle Retreat Calendar page.