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know the five elements through the five senses

Before attending an Oracle Retreat, each invited person has a one-on-one, private session with Diana Manilova. Meeting her for the first time can be hard to put into words. One of Diana's students has this to share about the experience…

An individual consultation with Diana:
If you had the opportunity to meet with Diana at her beautiful home in northern Thailand, you would see a home filled with statues, pictures, paintings, amulets, mandalas, tangkas and more stemming from nearly every religion on earth. Yet, what one can expect from Diana in a reading is anything but traditional, conventional, rational or convenient.

She will scan your mind, body and soul, in order to facilitate an awakening of your soul and your abilities or gifts. Her goal is to help one realize who they truly are and what their program for this life is. She may tell you about your past lives, so that you are better able to understand why you are here today surrounded by your present circumstances. If your soul is ready, she may also help you to determine for yourself the answers to these questions. Her main goal is to help you realize that you are not your image. That is to say, she’s working towards helping you become aware that you are not your ego. You are something much more than what your mind says you are.

She would like to help you realize greater happiness in your life by cleaning your karma, which she strongly believes can be done through laughter and joking. By laughing, the kind that makes your belly shake, you’re able to raise your energy, and from there and only there, are you able to see more clearly with objectivity your situation and how to proceed with higher consciousness. Once you get to know Diana, you understand that she is deep, down in the trenches with you. You’re not alone.

She believes the only way to lead is by example, so she’s right there together with you, with everyone, going through the lessons life has to dish out. She is not for the faint of heart. She will tell you like it is. She may also exaggerate and play with a situation, whether you deem it right or wrong, true or false, because she is a believer in skillful means, meaning that as a teacher, a parent, a master, she must use whatever means possible to help guide you out of danger and back on the right track. 

You may find yourself red in the face with anger ready to explode, only to realize after careful analysis that she’s triggered a past memory that may help you go through some painful event. She would like to help you realize who you are so that you can get on with your program, learn your soul’s purpose and realize your life lessons, and, of course, evolve.
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